Frogmore Creek Cool Climate Wines

Tasmania is one of only a very few wine-producing regions in Australia that enjoys a genuine cool climate, due to the southerly latitudes and the strong influence of the surrounding oceans on most of the grape-growing areas.

At Frogmore Creek in the Coal Valley of Southern Tasmania it allows grapes to ripen relatively slowly over a longer period than in warmer, more continental regions. This slower ripening, in turn, results in fruit that has more intense flavours, more acidity and better balance which combine to make wines of flavour, intensity and elegance, and which beautifully match a wide range of foods.

Award-winning Frogmore Creek Wines are one of Tasmania’s most awarded wineries. Frogmore Creek sources grapes from the finest cool climate regions in Tasmania. Frogmore Creek producing and. distributing exceptional quality riesling, pinot noir and sparkling wines from the finest Tasmanian regions.

frogmore creek wine

Frogmore Creek Sauvignon Blanc – 2014

Sweet honey with Jasmine aromas, ripe pear flavours, sweet lengthy texture. Aging potential 10 years.

frogmore creek wine

Frogmore Creek Riesling – 2014

Very floral aromas dominated by honeysuckle. The Palate has good balanced sugar, acid with fresh lime flavours.

frogmore creek wine

Frogmore Creek Chardonnay – 2013

Nectarine and grapefruit aromas mingled with subtle toasty oak, followed by fresh yet complex flavours and lengthy mineral cool climate acid.

frogmore creek wine

Frogmore Creek Pinot Noir – 2013

Fresh and intense aromas of sweet pear. Dry with a rich and generous texture, delicate tropical fruit flavours.

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