Tasmanian Fresh Seasonal Produce Box

Our produce boxes contain a combination of carefully selected, farm fresh fruit and vegetables grown in the rich fertile soils, fresh air and pure rain water of Tasmania. Our produce is seasonally and biologically grown by our network of Tasmanian farmers who are committed to growing premium produce around our beautiful island state.

Couple harvest box that contains 10-12 items, feeds 2 for a week. Includes different varieties of veggies, such as leafy greens, roots, bulbs, herbs, and lovely fruits as well – all depending on the season.

We carefully select each of the items in your box to make sure all you get is the freshest and tastiest.

Get creative with our nutritionally designed boxes and recipes & Stay healthy!

tasmanian vegetables

Each week we talk to our farmers to find out what is ready to harvest. We select a variety of items to meet your needs for the week. We then gather the produce from farms around Tasmania, pack them into a box with love, and sent them directly to you in Hong Kong.

The contents of our boxes changes slightly each week depending on what the farmers have ready to harvest. We include a specialty variety of potatoes, some fruit and vegetables in our boxes each week and offer 3 different sized boxes to suit your needs.

This box typically contains 8-10 items and is designed to last 2-4 people for a week.

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