Wellington Apiary Honey

Wellington Apiary began in 2009 in an established garden in the centre of Hobart by Robin and Antonia O’Brien. From wildflowers, their range has now extended to include the distinctive honeys and honeycomb from Tasmania’s unique flora.

One of Tasmania’s most distinctive tastes is the musky richness of honey from leatherwood blossoms. The O’Briens carry hives into the rainforests of western Tasmania, where leatherwoods flower in late summer. They return to collect a unique organically certified honey that commands a premium price. They also collect from the wildflowers around Hobart and from indigenous plants like Prickly Box, plus Tea Tree that produces the miraculous Manuka honey

They do not heat our honey at any stage of extraction or bottling, ensuring all the natural goodness remains. Wellington Apiary honey is coarse filtered, allowing all the pollen, flavours and aromas to be retained – resulting in pure raw Tasmanian Honey, just as the bees made it.

Wellington Apiary bees are housed in wooden wax dipped hives. This means the bees are kept in optimum health, free from any chemicals or paints. Antonia and Robin are passionate about sustainability and ensuring the future of beekeeping in Tasmania remains pest free.

Wellington Apiary Honey – Leatherwood

Pure Tasmanian honey with a unique flavour, incomparable to any other, filling the mouth with earthy and spicy flavour.

325 mL.

Wellington Apiary Honey – Hobart Wildflower

Pure Tasmanian Honey with a dark, thick and glossy appearance. Delicate floral flavours and slight citrus aromas. Set with fine crystal and remains semi-soft once bottled.

325 mL.

wellington apiary honey

Wellington Apiary Honey – Prickly Box

Perfumed and fragrant, this cold extracted Prickly box has the most beautiful texture and is begging for a hot buttered crumpet. Robin collects his honeys from various locations around Hobart,the foothills of Mount Wellington and the southern wilderness. It’s outstanding.

325 mL.

Wellington Apiary – Honeycomb

Wellington Apiary honeycomb preserves honey exactly as the bees have made it. This honeycomb has been cut straight from the hive. It has not been heated or modified but preserves the flavoursome aroma and the beauty of natural honey.

Honeycomb wax can be eaten, used as a normal honey and makes a perfect pairing with cheese.

250 g.

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