Produce from the world’s richest soils, cleanest waters, freshest air.

About Tas’Mania

The Brand

Tas’Mania will introduce you to a world of natural, fresh, premium quality, full flavoured foods sourced exclusively from Tasmania. Each is hand selected by us from the best and most passionate individual artisans; those who are dedicated to their craft in this natural island State of southern-most Australia.

Tasmania has many such agricultural producers devoted to making, cultivating, locating and farming the best – drawn to the island because of its natural island defences that protects from the entry of disease, and where the rich volcanic soil, cold pristine seas and ample sunlight and freshest of water makes for ideal growing conditions.

All of these producers have a passion (or Mania) for what they do and will only deliver what is natural, highest quality and best tasting produce. Whether it be wilderness honey; tree ripened cherries; volcanic soil vegetables, choice tree ripened fruits, berries, fresh fish, abalone, mussels and oysters from the Southern Ocean or cool climate wines there is a name and a passion behind every product.

It is really the World’s Natural Larder.