Reid’s Fruits Cherries

The Reid family and their dedicated staff have been growing and exporting premium quality fruit since 1856 and celebrate their 160th Anniversary in 2016.

Reid Fruits specializes in growing and exporting premium quality dark cherries from orchards located on the fertile alluvial soils adjacent to the River Derwent in the southern region of Tasmania.

The temperate maritime climate, unique to Tasmania, underpins the development of firm, full-flavoured fruit available from late December through to February. The latest in defect-sorting technology ensures that packed fruit is of the highest quality.

Only the finest cherries are packed. Cherries are firm, high in brix, and dark red in colour and larger in size

The Reids have been awarded Farmer of The Year and exporter of the Year because of their commitment to quality and the consistency over 160 years of operation.

tasmanian cherries

Premium Tasmanian Cherries – 5kg Red Box

Premium Tasmanian Cherries.

5 kg box.

tasmanian cherries

Premium Tasmanian Cherries – 2kg Gold Box

9 different varieties, including: Van, Sylvia,  Stella, Lapin, Simone, Kordia, Regina, Sweetheart and Sweet Georgia.

2 kg box.

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