Reid’s Fruits Cherries

Reid Fruits Cherry Reid Fruits specializes in growing a selection of sweet, dark-fleshed cherries which enable the company to provide premium fruit from mid-December through to early February. There are over 10 different varieties produced which range from early season through to late season cherry varieties. Reid Fruits only packs the nest quality cherries in their Gold Kangaroo Premium Cherry range. Cherries are picked at optimum maturity when brix levels and colour exceed our minimum specifications.

Premium Tasmanian Cherries – Red Box

Premium Tasmanian Cherries

Available size:

28+ x 5kg Red Box.

Premium Tasmanian Cherries – Gold Box

9 different varieties, including: Van, Sylvia,  Stella, Lapin, Simone, Kordia, Regina, Sweetheart and Sweet Georgia.

Available sizes:

28+ x 1kg Gold Box
28+ x 2kg Gold Box
30+ x 2kg Gold Box
32+ x 2kg Gold Box
34+ x 2kg Gold Box
36+ x 2kg Gold Box

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