BW Griggs and SonĀ Rubigold Apples

The Healthier Apple RubiGold apples are shipped to Hong Kong and only available for a limited growing period. They feature a bright red skin and a crisp sweet and juicy esh. They are only grown in the Huon Valley, Tasmania, Australia. Those perfect growing conditions make an apple with the perfect balance of sweetness and freshness. Why Healthier? The RubiGold Apple has a higher concentration of the powerful antioxidant Quercetin that is found in the dark red skin. This is evidenced by the pink halo seen when one bites into the apple. Freshly harvested from a family orchard, this apple has been tree ripened by the Griggs family, the growers and 6th generation farmers, at their family orchard in Huon Valley, Tasmania.

rubigold apple

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