Tas Prime Oysters

James Calvert has been an oyster farmer in Tasmania for over 20 years producing premium sustainably farmed oysters, fresh from the edge of the world. James is also Chairman of the Tasmanian Shellfish Council and Director, Oysters Australia

Tasmanian shellfish are the finest in the Australian market. Their distinctive full-bodied flavour is complimented
by alluring colours and aromas.

Each growing region, just like wine, produces an oyster with a unique taste, colour, appearance and flavour that is particular to that region. These Pacific oysters reflect the unique pristine waters of Tasmania

The export product is packed in a proprietary AQIS approved packing facility. Strict QA and HACCP programs control the entire domestic and export procedures.

Tasmania has adopted an internationally accepted Quality assurance program for the reduction of food safety risks of shellfish consumption. This program is carried out by Tasmanian Shellfish Quality Assurance program (TSQAP) allowing Tasmanian Shellfish to enjoy an enviable food safety record.

Tas Prime Oysters, is the home of Woody Island Oysters.

Tasmanian Prime Oysters

Pacific oysters from the clean cold waters of Southern Tasmania. Available in 3 sizes;
Bistro 50-60mm (25doz bag)
Buffet 60-70mm (20doz bag)
Standard 70-85mm (15doz bag)

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